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Myth of the China Company Registry
Oct 24, 2016

Myth of the China Company Registry
Company registration databases are quite common in the West, but currently there isn't a website that exactly offers these services for mainland China. So how do conduct a background check of your potential Chinese business partner? This article shows how it can be done.

The Chinese company registrations can be checked online on AIC websites (Administration of Industry and Commerce 工商行政管理局 or just 工商局). AICs are local authorities that handle business registrations in their specific fields. There is an AIC for each province and major city, as well as various sub-branches in smaller districts.

AIC websites are completely in Chinese, so unless you have full Chinese proficiency, you should be assisted by a native Chinese speaker. Another hazard you might face is that there is no standard searching mechanism or structure across these websites. Last but not least, you should be aware that these services are not unified, so you need to have a previous knowledge of where the your partner's company is located. This is because China lacks a national unified company registration service.

Now you probably already want to give up. Well, you can find a professional foreign investment service firm to assist you in your journey. If you wish to try for yourself, here is some useful information for you:

List of China's AIC websites for each province:
National (国家工商总局): http://www.saic.gov.cn
Anhui (安徽红盾信息网): http://www.ahaic.gov.cn
Beijing (北京红盾信息网): http://www.hd315.gov.cn
Chengdu (成都工商管理信息网): http://www.cdgs.gov.cn
Chongqing (重庆红盾信息网): http://www.cqgs12315.cn
Dalian (大连工商网): http://www.dlgs.gov.cn
Fujian (福建工商红盾网): http://www.fjaic.gov.cn
Gansu (甘肃红盾信息网): http://www.gsaic.gov.cn
Guangdong (广东红盾信息网): http://www.gdgs.gov.cn
Guangzhou (广州市工商局): http://www.gzaic.gov.cn
Guizhou (贵州红盾信息网): http://www.gzaic.org.cn
Hainan (海南红盾信息网): http://aic.hainan.gov.cn
Hebei (河北红盾信息网): http://www.hebgs.gov.cn
Heilongjiang (黑龙江红盾信息网): http://www.hljaic.gov.cn
Henan (河南红盾信息网): http://www.haaic.gov.cn
Hubei (湖北红盾信息网): http://www.egs.gov.cn
Hunan (湖南红盾信息网): http://www.hnaic.net.cn
Inner Mongolia (内蒙古红盾信息网): http://www.nmgs.gov.cn
Jiangxi (江西红盾信息网): http://www.jxaic.gov.cn
Jiangxi (广西红盾信息网): http://www.gxhd.com.cn
Jilin (吉林红盾信息网): http://www.jlgs.gov.cn
Kunming (昆明红盾信息网): http://www.kmaic.gov.cn
Lanzhou (兰州市工商网): http://www.lzgs.gov.cn
Liaoning (辽宁红盾信息网): http://www.lngs.gov.cn
Ningbo (宁波市工商局): http://www.nbaic.gov.cn
Qingdao (青岛红盾信息网): http://www.qdaic.gov.cn
Qinghai (青海红盾信息网): http://www.qhaic.gov.cn
Shanxi (陕西工商红盾信息网): http://www.snaic.gov.cn
Shandong (山东红盾信息网): http://www.sdaic.gov.cn
Shanghai (上海红盾信息网): http://www.sgs.gov.cn
Shanxi (山西红盾信息网): http://www.sxaic.gov.cn
Shenyang (沈阳市工商管理局): http://www.sygsj.gov.cn
Shenzhen (深圳市红盾信息网): http://www.szaic.gov.cn
Sichuan (四川红盾信息网): http://www.scaic.gov.cn
Tianjin (天津红盾信息网): http://www.tjhd.net
Wuhan (武汉红盾信息网): http://www.whhd.gov.cn
Xiamen (厦门红盾信息网): http://www.xm.fjaic.gov.cn
Xinjiang (新疆红盾信息网): http://www.xjaic.gov.cn
Yunnan (云南红盾信息网): http://www.ynaic.gov.cn
Zhejiang (浙江省工商政务网): http://www.zjaic.gov.cn
Zhengzhou (郑州工商网): http://www.zzgs.gov.cn

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