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Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise Difference
Aug 17, 2016

1. Investors in foreign-owned enterprises can be a foreign enterprises or other economic organizations, as well as a non-Chinese citizen, including foreigners and stateless persons;

2. Establishment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises must be conducive to China's economic development and use of advanced technology and equipment, or most, if not all products export. Set up wholly foreign-owned enterprise applications by the competent foreign economic and Trade Department of the State Council, or the State Council examined and approved by authorized agencies, the establishment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises after the application is approved, foreign investors can hold ratification documents to the administrative authority for industry and commerce registration to obtain business licenses. And individual-owned enterprises establishment quite loose, setting up the program is simple, as long as the legal business name, investor reporting of contributions, there is a fixed place of business and necessary conditions for the production and operation and the necessary personnel, the registration organ shall be registered within the statutory period. Unless sole proprietorship intends to engage in business law and administrative regulations must be reported to the relevant authorities and approval of business, it does not need to be submitted to the registration authority approved files.

3. Individual-owned enterprises property and investors ' property cannot be divided, not independent corporate debt, personal property of its debt to investors to share the burden. Therefore, all of the sole proprietorship enterprise does not have legal personality. In accordance with the provisions of foreign law, foreign companies in line with China's laws regarding legal provisions can be validly acquired legal personality. Foreign-owned enterprises as one of the foreign-funded enterprises, China shall be a legal person.

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